Customer Testimonials

“The Hasten Hebrew Academy has been using the services of Coraz Security since September of 2011. We have found the management of the company to be very easy to work with. They listen to our needs and have strived successfully to fulfill them. In addition, Fred Coraz has gone above and beyond to do security assessments and offer suggestions to help make our school a safer place.

Mr. Coraz has worked hard to find security officers that fit the needs of a school environment and we have been fortunate to have officers who work to accommodate this environment. If you have questions or would like further information do not hesitate to contact me.”


Marcy Ekhaus


Hasten Hebrew Academy


“As a property manager for several Home Owners Associations, I have firsthand experience with the effects of our economy & unemployment; as unemployment increases, the associated increase in crime is not far behind.


Nothing is more disturbing to a homeowner than to realize that their home has been broken into & their personal belongings violated. Many homeowners have resorted to a number of measures to combat would-be thieves, but the best responses that I have received from homeowners is when I have off duty police officers patrolling the communities.


With random, visual presence in the communities, word spreads to homeowners & would-be thieves that “this particular neighborhood is monitored by the police”. One such police officer is Fred Coraz from Coraz Security, Inc. Not only is Fred active in his community, Fred has taken the time to get to know some of the neighbors within the community. Neighbors have Fred’s personal cell information & Fred is a mere ‘phone call’ away. Fred also has the ability to call on fellow officers should the needs arise.


The communities that I manage that have random police patrols have seen a reduction in not only break-in & petty crime but also the ‘speed’ of motorists throughout the neighborhood has noticeably reduced.


The money that the communities pay for the above mentioned services has been money ‘well spent’ as commented by many board members.”


Paul Rees


Dawn ‘til Dusk Property Management.